A Common Mistake People Make When Hiring A Photographer

By Joe Robbins Photography |

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There’s a world of difference between photographs taken by a professional and a hobbyist. Capturing the right angles, lighting, and clarity in an image is an art developed through years of practice. Professional photographers have the training and experience to be accurate and to showcase what you’ve requested; and get it right, the first time.

A lot goes into creating the perfect photograph and one of the most important parts of a shoot is your requirements. However, quite often trouble occurs when the details shared for the shoot are insufficient. It can lead to miscalculated prices, delays, and ultimately bad pictures.

To help you avoid basic errors that could prove to be costly, Joe Robbins Photography has shared the most common mistakes people make when hiring a photographer.

Sharing limited details while requesting for a photo shoot quote.

Clear communication is required when requesting for a quote. Prospective clients often ask for a quote on a photo shoot without providing detailed information, which hampers the photographer’s ability to give an accurate estimate of the costs associated with the shoot.

Clients can speed up the process for getting an accurate quote on a job by providing details like accurate descriptions of what will be photographed, the exact location for the shoot, the time frame for delivery of final images, and any other details that are unique to the shoot.

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